Driver Tips

Proper training of drivers and mechanics can go a long way towards extending clutch life. Anyone who drives the truck, whether on or off highway, should be taught how to operate the vehicle properly. The most critical points to cover in driver training programs are: Learning to start in the FIRST gear Proper clutch engagement… Continue reading Driver Tips

Warranty Guidelines

Clutch Facing Fully Burnt Cause – Driver foot riding on Clutch pedal. Starting the vehicle in 2nd or higher gear. Repaired Clutch Disc One rivet head is on the flywheel side and the other on the pressure plate side. This is not as per manufacturers specifications. Uneven Contact of Clutch Disc It is a normal… Continue reading Warranty Guidelines

Trouble Shooting

Objectives of Service Team

Increase sales value by 45% from previous year by fulfilling current product demdand and generating business for new products. Improving EBITDA margin by 300 basis points from previous year by implementing cost reduction projects, pricing to recover R.M inflation and top line growth. Measure base line OEE in Q1 and plan improvement by 10% from… Continue reading Objectives of Service Team