At Setco, our customers vary by location, by spending power and by demand. We have to adhere to their needs by selling them a high-quality and low-cost product. This product will have to be marketed to them so that they can make an educated decision while buying it. To ensure that the product fulfills its life cycle promise our service team has to ensure full customer satisfaction so that he buys the product again and recommends it to others.

Marketing will vary from day-to-day working of operations to strategic foresight that would evolve the company with changing needs of the markets. Constant market analysis with a focus on customer and market trends will be key to facilitating various activities. The role will also include consistently developing our brand strategy, determining long-term, global product and supply strategies, defining integrated communication strategies and concepts, e.g., for the launch of new products, determining innovative sales and distribution channels.

In Sales & Service you will face a multi faceted task where things will happen on different levels with a varying segment of people. Global and local sales and distribution of our products will be the key where a customer has A-Z of his needs fulfilled with respect to the knowledge of usage, service and access to it. The coordination of people and programs will be a key asset where communication has to be efficient. The use of E-business and the evolution of the Virtual Business Model (VBM) on a global scale will be evolved by you. Applicants must be fully qualified manager, efficient analysts or engineers with business management skills.