Setco Automotive is engaged in the manufacture and service of automotive products.

Setco Automotive emphasizes its commitment towards the development and manufacturing of products and services in a manner that minimally impacts the Environment, Health and Safety, directly or indirectly.

To ensure this we will strive to

    • Draft and comply with an exemplary Environment, Health & Safety Policy.
    • Protect the environment by prevention of pollution: conservation of resources: careful handling & disposal of hazardous wastes in a eco friendly manner and re-use recycle material wherever possible.
    • Provide continual training to employees & associates for up-gradation of awareness and skills for a better environment.
    • Build an environment where there is consciousness towards using and making products manufactured & distributed strictly adhere to the local and international standards & regulations as specified.
    • Adhere to all legal and other requirements concerning the Environment and Occupational Health & Safety.
    • Continually improve performance by aiming for clearer & better, objectives & targets.

We ensure that this policy is communicated to every employee and is available for the viewing of the public / stakeholders and that it will be reviewed periodically.

Harish K Sheth

Chairman & Managing Director