R D services

The SETCO Design & Development team comprises of talent which has been acquired over the years keeping in mind the current day requirements. SETCO has the ability to develop the products right from the inception stage when the vehicle is conceived, making changes to its product as the vehicle takes shapes and to ultimately fitment on the vehicle. SETCO is capable of designing products from 159 mm at the lower end and upto 430mm and above, catering to various torque and RPM requirements of the engine. SETCO has developed various alternative materials successfully and the products are extensively used for not only for domestic market but also for export.

The range of expertise available covers a vast segment – Mechanical, Chemical, Computer, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Manufacturing, Assembly Automation, Logistics etc.

SETCO also undertakes reverse engineering to suit specific customer needs and also designs test rigs to meet customer validation programs.

SETCO is fully conversant with material sciences, design software, 3-D modeling and utilizes these tools effectively in product design and coming out with prototypes.

SETCO maintains absolute confidentiality in their interactions with customers and offers suggestions on vehicle installations not only for the betterment of the products but also for the customers.