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We at Setco Automotive are an Equal Opportunities Employer. We visit renowned management institutes and engineering colleges to attract young talents. On fixing up the dates with the concerned college, we show our corporate presentation to the students in order for them to understand the company better.

The People DNA of Setco Automotive: whether it is a corporate, or a community, we believe that it’s the people who make an entire difference. Our most valuable resource our People, join us from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds thereby bringing in a plethora of knowledge and experience. At Setco Automotive, we nurture unique people practices that foster recognition at both an individual and team level. It is a pleasure to see how this has evolved into a corporate culture characterized by fairness, equal opportunity, growth and personal satisfaction.

Extensive training programs are designed for individuals after assessing the responsibilities and requirements of each individual. A consolidated training schedule for the entire year is then drafted – encompassing technical, cross-cultural, soft-skills and quality training. We continuously monitor their progress through a periodic interaction with them at different levels.

Mentoring :

Coaching and mentoring form an integral part of our Learning Organization initiative. Apart from counseling and advice, senior members from our team groom individuals in terms of their job responsibilities, contribution to organization, and future growth path.

Nurturing Talent – Harnessing Knowledge :

When a new recruit joins Setco Automotive, a career training roadmap is drafted to optimize learning timelines and maximize performance outputs.

It starts with an induction program for recruits to get acquainted with the organization’s policies, processes, and people. Freshers undergo an extended twelve-month orientation & initiation drive.

Once initiated and groomed into professionals, the recruits undergo a rigorous series of training programs throughout their engagement with Setco Automotive. These range from technical & process training to soft-skill development such as behavior & language.

After successful completion of the training program depending upon the individuals preference and the suitability of his skills he/she is given an challenging position with the organization.

The Human Resource policy here encourages teamwork, promotes job ownership, and rewards excellence & performance. Our workplace offers equal and ample growth opportunities for all employees. Our People Practices and Initiatives aim at making our People not just another brick in the wall, but resilient pillars of the Organization in their unique way.